Another leap

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Posted on 08 April 2013 19:27

We thank all our customers and those that have supported us and we will be moving during the summer to our new home.
We set up Groomed to Pawfection to not only use and share our skills, training, knowledge and passion, but also to provide a better quality of life to our families, and that is what two friends working together has done. So I am sure the children will also thank you all for supporting us and allowing their mum to spend more quality time with them. We love every minute of our work – even when it is the muckiest of jobs!!
We have been in The Creedy Centre ( for just over a year, and like businesses before us the time is too move on. 
First we would like to thank the Creedy Centre for our first step, we have been managing the shop and grooming salon running in two separate units which has been difficult.
Plus we have really outgrown the space and we want to see daylight more often!!
We can not recommend The Creedy Centre more for any new/small business, although it is the same ole thing you only get out what you put in. I am sure that would be more than happy to discuss renting of units if you are interested.
So where are we off to well it is 315ft up the High Street to the old Treloars Shop – yet another wonderful and successful business to follow. So what do we have planned – we will still groom where you can see us – within the front shop. The bathing area will be at the back , and the bulk of drying will happen in that area. We will still have a separate area for our other customers requiring grooming, such as cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.
Added to this we will also have a safe relaxation area for dogs – just behind our bathing area. We will continue to offer free micro-chipping events and continue to grow in our natural health products. We have a number of new services that we will be offering so please watch this space and read our free monthly newsletters.
For those who are worried yes sofa will be coming and be in the front shop so you can still come sit and chat with or without your pets!!
Thank you again for all your support,  and get in and make your appointments especially those who forgot dogs need grooming in winter.
Thank you again to all our customers 2 and 4 legged and to the

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