Watch out watch out….fleas and ticks about

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Posted on 14 April 2013 23:22

Well although it may not feel like it but with weather warming remember to make sure your pet is treated against flea’s and tick’s.
Make sure you visit your vet for advice, in Crediton we are lucky to haveĀ
Both who will offer advice on managing your pets health.
With regular professional grooming working alongside, for many dogs 4 times a year is recommended but each dog will be different and depend on the amount of care you but into your dogs grooming at home. Being stockist of Dorwest and K9 herbal solutions we are able to support you with natural products to keep visitors at bay.
Such as garlic or neem oil or one of our anti flea shampoo’s.
Now’s the time to book in for a groom and get your dog fit and feeling healthy for this lovely dog walking time of year.