Cold Weather – Dogs – within the home.

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Posted on 10 December 2012 20:50

I am sure you have noticed that the cold weather is here and just like the hot summer months we have to think about our dogs and affect on them.
All dogs are different just like humans in how they deal with the cold, remember old dogs and convalescing dogs will have greater difficulties in managing the cold weather. As will young pups, skinny dogs and short haired dogs.
Within the home:-
Remember when you switch your heating off at night when your tucked up under your quilt, electric blanket going, bed socks, thick pj’s & a bobble hat (yeap see how I dress!) what is your dog sleeping on – is it still the same thin tatty blanket from the summer? Is it in the draft? Would you walk across that floor without your socks or slippers? So make sure your dog has a warm draft free place to sleep.
What about during the day do you turn your heating off to save money – houses can still get very cold during the day so make sure your dog is going to be warm.
Heating within the home:-
Ok do we need to remind people if you have heating make sure your dog will not get burnt – creates against radiators the metal from the create can get really hot and cause burns which your dog may not be able to get away from. Naked flames and candles wagging tails, excited pooches can all make these an accident waiting to happen think about where they are placed. Open fires – some breeds and some dogs are heavily into sticks and don’t always engage brain first – keep open fires protected – it is not that unusual to see a dog try and pull a lovely stick from a fire one end being alight.
Some dogs may benefit from a jumper even while inside the home, and remember water cold air does not mean they do not need to drink.
Hope these little tips help you and your dog get through the winter together – we will be posting more tips about the cold weather.

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