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Posted on 20 September 2012 20:10
On facebook we have our social page where we can catch up with all the gossip, everyone can be friends – but we also have our more formal page which is a like page. Here you can vote for pet of the month, visit our shop and order on line, find out about our offers and support one of our favourite animal charities.
Every time we get to a hundred likes, (100, 200, 300….) on our facebook like page we will run a competition and the lucky winner will recieve one of our products and gets to choose which one of our local animal charities gets a pet waiting for rehoming to have a free groom.
Our charities are Blue Cross, Tiverton, The Retired Greyhound Trust, The Greyhound Sanctuary.
So get one like and get voting for our pet of the month from our August customers….

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