Auntie Karla

Additional Info:

Woof and a bark is my greeting!

So about me – brought up with dogs and have the honour of being the daughter of one of the best K9 professionals (of course non bias!) I learnt from a young age the communication of dogs and by the age of 2yrs I had my own dog, Nous a jack russell who was rather agressive at times, but never bit me or showed her teeth. She was my best friend until she joined Rainbow Bridge when I was 15yrs old.

My life was to leave school and become a dog handler with one of the services, sadly in those years it was not a job that women where allowed to do, so I turned my back on the life working with dogs. However always had dogs in my life and as a little extra money would groom friends dogs.

Breeds I have had as part of my family – Jack Russell, German sheppard, Schnauzer, Golden Retriever, Flat Coated Retriever, Lhasa Apso, Cain Terrier, Mixed breed terriers, Tibetan Terrier, Greyhound, Labrador.

So when the opportunity arose it was back to my roots for me!

I love grooming and love every breed.