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Posted on 06 September 2012 19:20

Thought we would share you in too our world of grooming – we try not to share too much about it so that everyone thinks its a fluffy cuddly world! But our lovely fellow groomer Carrie from across the pond in Florida put this together –
YOU KNOW YOU ARE TRULY A GROOMER WHEN:When you have hairs in the bras and need tweezers for your Te-ts! lol

When the nails in your bra and shoes are not your own

When you blow your nose and get a fur coat

When you spray dog cologne on yourself after work- so you don’t stink!

When you hold a child’s foot to tie their shoe and say “SIT/STAY”

When you look at people walking dogs on your way home from work, and think:
“Where the Hell did they get that lousy groom!?”
(This is worse if it turns out to be YOUR client!!

When you hear folks discussing a problem with their dog in the market, and you interrupt their conversation to offer advice.

When you price an object in a store that you want -asking yourself “Hmmm… wonder how many dogs I have to groom to afford that ?”

When you test dog shampoos on your own head first!

When people walk away from you at Family Gatherings because all you can talk about is grooming

When your next vacation/time off is planned around a seminar and not a cruise

When you go to sleep and even dream you are grooming!

When your own dog is overgrown and you are ashamed to tell neighbors you are a groomer
When you use curse words that would make a sailor blush when you have a no-show.

When you can’t remember the last time you wore panty hose!

When you have to say ‘dog groomer’ three times because people think you said ‘drug runner’

When you tell your husband “That’s it, I’ve had it – We are getting another dog!”
When your list to Santa Claus includes only gifts for your dogs

When you wear old tee shirts and retail Gucci for dogs

When you read the labels on dog food so intently, then grab a donut!

When you see a handsome guy walking his dog and you do a twice-over of the dog and ignore the guy!

When you grab a ripped and torn clean dog towel to dry your hair because the house ones get washed last!

When the weather is wet and you worry about your dogs getting ruined and not your $80.00 hairstyle

When you’d rather be chatting about grooming on a forum instead of snuggling with your mate.

When your mate complains you spend too much time chatting on dog forums.

And last but not least…when you consider dog hair in your food a CONDIMENT!

But with all these things it’s still rewarding. If my husband rubs my tummy and scratches behind my ears…I’m all his!

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